South Shields

Alum Ale House, River Drive, NE33 1JR.
Next to the ferry terminal. Claims to be the oldest pub in South Shields. But so does The Steamboat in Coronation St. 0191 427 7147.

The Maltings, Claypath Lane, NE33 4PG.
One of the three pubs owned by Jarrow Brewery. Big and welcoming. 0191 427 7147.

Stag’s Head, 45 Fowler St, NE33 1NS.
Every Thursday there’s a curry night. It costs £1. The pub has an award for its unchanged interior. It should get one for its prices. 0191 427 2911.

The Steamboat, Coronation St, Mill Dam, NE33 1EQ.
Overlooks the Tyne (rather than the sea). Community pub. Claims to be the oldest in South Shields (see Alum above). 0191 454 0134.