Drigg is the site of the UK ’s Low Level Radioactive Waste Depository, situated about half a mile from the shoreline. As this is eroding at the rate of one metre a year it would seem to have a limited life. This whole area suffered greatly in the depression of the 1920’s and 30’s. So much so that Government industrial grants were given to bring in manufacturing, including the vast munitions works at Sellafield, which then became the Windscale and Calder Hall Atomic Power Station – Britain’s first. Holmrook Hall nearby was requisitioned during the war, christened HMS Volcano and used as a secret training school to teach munitions and explosive demolition techniques for the Royal Navy, all under the disguise of a recuperative hospital for those suffering from shipwrecks. If the weather is fine, turn off at Drigg to follow the as yet unreconstructed bridle path across the fields for the ancient packhorse bridge over the Irt.