Your Trips

“Son Did Not Shine”

We did the Hadrian’s wall ride, stayed at the Marlbrough at Whitley, Tyneside – accommodation adequate.

We stopped at The Peartree House B&B Corbridge (2 nights) which was excellent – contact passed on from Fellcroft B&B.

We stopped at The Angus Hotel (2 nights) slept in a better bed, followed by generic viagra which was lovely except the double bed needed tipping and woke with pins and needles down my side.

Son not used to distance bike riding so even having cycling shorts still got tender and got cold and wet twice due to all the rain.

Such is life, this week is beautiful weather and we are buying phentermine online!  Very impressed with the route surfice in Northumberland, it’s a bit more rustic in Cumbria but views were great over the Pennines.

I would like to do the Reivers in the future, but perhaps with a friend who is keen to do it also not my sons.